Weights: Plate, Free and Olympic


Want to build muscle, burn fat, get fit and lean? Weights are the solution!


At OnetoOne Gym, we have a variety of different types of weights equipment. These include a full range of plate loaded and pin select weights machines to hit every angle of the muscle. We also have 5 cable machines as we know these are popular! There is a functional track for use with prowlers, sleds and power bags or any of the other great HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) equipment.

We understand that free weights should make up the bulk of your workout, so there are no corners cut with our equipment, dumbells upto 75kg, plenty of benches for every incline/decline need.

Here at OneToOne we love a good olympic lift, so we have the best equipment for it! Oympic-standard bumper plates and 6 x platforms, come and get that dead lift PB!

We have taken part in many bodybuilding competitions including the WBFUKBFFNABBA and PCA Championships

What we can offer you
in the weights section at
121 Gym

Lifting Platforms
Up to 75Kg Dumbells
SQ FT of Weights area

Bodybuilding competitions 121 gym have entered