Bethan Watkins

My name is Bethan Watkins. Bee, B, Watkins! I am a Welsh Weightlifter and started through Crossfit around 6 years ago!

I am a qualified British Olympic Weightlifting Coach and compete at a National Level.
I have experience of both individual and team sports, played at a high level (Netball & Hockey). I studied Sports and Exercise Science at Aberystwyth University.

I want individuals to witness, learn and experience that weightlifting can improve their health and well-being. It also links in well with functional fitness to improve strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and power. These will benefit you in every day life, it’s a lifestyle change!

I want individuals to know that whatever ability you are, I want to show you that you are able to accomplish anything you want if you put your mind to it!

I want individuals to see that their can push their mental and physical boundaries to better themselves!

The only competition is YOURSELF!

REMEMBER: Bee Yourself, everyone else is taken ??️‍♀️

I have different programming and coaching options to help you!

Have any questions? Please DM/WHATSAPP ME!

07428 508500