Brogan Walkley

What made me want to become a personal trainer?
When I started on my adventure into fitness and exercise, I needed guidance from a trainer. I want to be that trainer that helps you find your way, that makes you fall in love with training just like my trainer did.

What motivates me?
I am my own motivation, I set goals for myself. I believe potential is limitless.

My favourite exercise?
That's a tough one.
I do love to squat, also love a burpee and I am recently loving the assault bike.

My current goals?
I want to be a stronger and fitter version of myself, to keep striving, to keep working, to keep learning.

Greatness Fitness achievement?
Running Snowdonia Marathon, Run Walk Crawl 32 mile Ultra Marathon are pretty great achievements but the greatest is yet to come.

My Favourite Athlete?
Kelsey Kiel ?

My guilty pleasure?
Sweeties. I love a pic n mix

Classes I Teach?

06:15-07:00 Brogans Bootcamp
09:30-10:00 Brogans Bootcamp
18:30-19:30 #wod

06:15-07:00 Brogans Bootcamp
09:30-10:00 Brogans Bootcamp

10:00-11:00 #WOD

To book a free consultation or for any further details Contact Brogan
Contact Number: 07950592070
Email: Brogan Walkley